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Band of Brothers Emergency Response LLC is your trusted partner in natural, man-made, and terrorist event responses. Contact us now!

What We Do Best

We are here to handle emergencies with precision and care.


Skilled in tackling fires and ensuring safety for all. All rescuers must attend the fire academy and pass with a high score to even be considered capable of responding.

EMT Response

Quick and efficient medical care in critical situations. Once rescuers pass the fire academy they will be enrolled into an EMT course and must pass the national registry. This is so we can start medical care as soon as possible after the rescue has taken place.

Search & Rescue

Expertise in finding and saving lives in challenging environments. All rescuers will undergo extensive training and quarterly qualifications to be able to provide timely search and rescue in compliance with FEMA guidelines. 


During sever weather outbreaks our teams of rescuers will track and in some case follow these massive thunderstorms to have a greater chance of arriving in an impacted city within hours to try to help local first responders with man power and equipment to search for potential victims that may be trapped under structures that have collapsed. 


All rescuers will be trained and red carded with their 130 and 190 certifications. All employees of Band of Brothers Emergency Response LLC will be WUI certified and in compliance with Department of Forestry standards. 


Weather forecasting will play a major role for responders out in the field to position themselves within a few hours of any major flooding. Responders will arrive with boats and other services to help communities affected by the storms.


Band of Brothers Emergency Response LLC tries to set the standards for hurricane response by positioning responders within a 2 to 4 hour window of the time the hurricane has past and first search and rescue starts. This window allows the best chance for survival of those who are trapped within the affected areas.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly qualified rescuers trained in Firefighting, EMT, and Search and Rescue, ready to respond 24/7 to natural disasters, emergencies, and terrorist events. Our mission is to provide rapid and effective assistance to those in need.


Why Us?

Choose us for expert emergency responses and highly skilled rescuers.

Qualified Responders

Trained in Firefighting, EMT, and Search and Rescue

Efficient Service

Prompt and effective solutions during crises

24/7 Availability

Ready to assist you anytime, day or night

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